Ritar Inverter System (3 Units) 5kva (15kva) 288v W/ 24 Units 200ah Ritar Battery/48 Panels

Ritar Inverter System (3 Units) 5kva (15kva) 288v W/ 24 Units 200ah Ritar Battery/48 Panels

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  • Afripower 5 kva inverter x 3
  • 48 solar panels
  • 288 volts
  • 200Ah Ritar inverter battery x 24
  • pure sine wave
  • long-lasting
  • rugged
  • durable
  • 1200kg


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Product Description

One of our top-performing products is the Afriipower 15kva 288V pure sine wave inverter, a highly dependable solution for meeting basic power backup needs in various settings such as homes, hotels, churches, and offices. It effectively powers essential appliances like light bulbs, fans, new fridges, and more. Operating at 288V, the 15kva Afriipower inverter requires a minimum battery bank of 24 units of 12V batteries, and we recommend a battery capacity of 200Ah for optimal performance.

This inverter is equipped with advanced technology, ensuring its reliability and providing you with durable service. The 15kva Afriipower inverter offers considerable value and brings significant lifestyle benefits to you. Here are some of the features you can enjoy with this 15kva Afriipower inverter:

  • Capacity: 15000VA (15kVA) / 288V
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • LCD Display: Provides Startup Info, Status Display & Fault/Protection Reports
  • DC input voltage: 288V (24 Batteries)
  • Low Battery Warning: 22V±0.4V
  • Low Battery Cut: 21.6V±0.4V
  • Bypass Switch
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Wider operating Voltage: 90V – 220V
  • Battery High/Low Protection
  • Automatic Changeover
  • UPS/Inverter Mode Available
  • Audible beep for Overload, Short Circuit, Back feed, Low Battery, Over Temperature, Mains Fuse below/MCB Trip
  • Multiple Built-in Protections: Overload in backup mode; Short Circuit in Backup Mode; Short Circuit in Mains Mode; Over temperature; Reverse Battery
  • Solar Compatible

This package can efficiently power the following appliances:

  • 1 Fridge
  • 1 Freezer
  • 1 HP-AC
  • 7 Fans
  • 50 Lighting Points × 5 watts
  • 2 DSTV Decoders
  • 5 LED T.V or Plasma
  • 1 Music System

With a capacity to handle up to 1200kg load, the Afriipower 15kva inverter ensures a robust and reliable power backup solution for various applications. Its pure sine wave output guarantees smooth and stable electricity for your essential devices, and its durability and ruggedness make it an ideal choice for your power backup needs. Additionally, the inverter is solar-compatible, allowing you to harness clean and renewable energy for continuous power supply. Trust in the performance and value of the Afriipower 15kva 288V pure sine wave inverter to provide you with reliable and uninterrupted power whenever you need it.

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