Pure Sine Wave Inverters

Pure Sine Wave Inverters

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  • Afripower 2kva inverter
  • 24 volts
  • 220ah Starplus tubular battery
  • pure sine wave inverter
  • durable
  • long-lasting


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Product Description

We are a highly reliable and leading supplier offering a wide range of products, including solar power backup systems, Hikvision CCTV surveillance camera systems, Panasonic Intercom pabx systems, Motorola walkie talkie two-way radios, computer system software, and more. Our team consists of well-trained professional engineers who excel in providing excellent installations, and our prices are budget-friendly throughout the procurement and installation process.

The Afriipower 2kva 24v pure sine wave inverter is a highly dependable solution catering to basic power backup needs for homes, hotels, churches, offices, etc. It efficiently powers essential appliances such as energy-saving light bulbs, fans, new fridges, and more. This 24V inverter requires a minimum battery bank of two 24v batteries, with a recommended capacity of 220Ah battery x 2.

This advanced technology inverter is known for its durability and reliability. The 2kva Afriipower inverter provides significant value and lifestyle benefits, offering features like Pure Sine Wave output, LCD display for startup information, status display, and fault/protection reports. It operates with a wider voltage range of 90V – 220V, and it includes various built-in protection features such as low battery warning, low battery cut, reverse battery protection, and more.

With the 2kva Afriipower inverter, you can power a range of appliances, including televisions, fans, energy-saving light bulbs, VCD players, DSTV decoders or sound systems, small printers, laptops, small blenders, and more.

In summary, our company is a reliable supplier of various products, and the Afriipower 2kva inverter we offer is a durable and efficient solution for meeting your power backup needs, supporting essential appliances and providing peace of mind during power outages.

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