Afripower 2kva Inverter System With 2 Units 200ah Amaron Quanta Battery

Afripower 2kva Inverter System With 2 Units 200ah Amaron Quanta Battery

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  • Afripower 2kva inverter
  • 12 volts 200 Ah Amaron quanta battery 2 units
  • pure sine wave inverter
  • durable
  • long-lasting


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Product Description

The Afriipower 2kva 24v pure sine wave inverter is a reliable and efficient solution for meeting basic power backup needs in various settings, such as homes, hotels, churches, and offices. It is capable of powering essential appliances like televisions, fans, energy-saving light bulbs, VCD players, DSTV decoders or sound systems, top-loading washing machines, small 3 in 1 printers, laptops, small blenders, and new small fridges/freezers. Operating at 24V, this inverter requires a minimum battery bank of 2 units of 12V batteries, and we recommend a battery capacity of 200Ah for optimal performance.

As an advanced technology equipment, the 2kva Afriipower inverter is trusted for its durable service and offers a range of valuable features to enhance your power backup experience. Here are some of the benefits you can enjoy with this 2kva Afriipower inverter:

  • Capacity: 2000VA (2kVA) / 24V
  • Pure Sine Wave output
  • LCD Display: Provides Startup Info, Status Display & Fault/Protection Reports
  • DC input voltage: 24V (2 Batteries)
  • Low Battery Warning: 22V±0.4V
  • Low Battery Cut: 21.6V±0.4V
  • Bypass Switch
  • Reverse Battery Protection
  • Wider operating Voltage: 90V – 220V
  • Battery High/Low Protection
  • Automatic Changeover
  • UPS/Inverter Mode Available
  • Audible beep for Overload, Short Circuit, Back feed, Low Battery, Over Temperature, Mains Fuse below/MCB Trip
  • Multiple Built-in Protections: Overload in backup mode; Short Circuit in Backup Mode; Short Circuit in Mains Mode; Over temperature; Reverse Battery
  • Solar Compatible

To support the Afriipower 2kva 24v inverter, we recommend using a battery bank of 2 units of 12V batteries with a 200Ah capacity each, such as the Amaron Quanta batteries. These batteries provide sufficient power storage to ensure reliable backup during outages.

With this setup, you can enjoy reliable power backup for a variety of essential appliances, ensuring a seamless and uninterrupted power supply during outages. The inverter’s pure sine wave output guarantees the safe and efficient operation of sensitive electronic devices, providing you with a dependable power backup solution.

Overall, the Afriipower 2kva 24v pure sine wave inverter package with 200Ah Amaron Quanta batteries is an excellent choice for your basic power backup needs, offering durability, reliability, and convenience for your daily power requirements. It is designed to provide long-lasting and efficient performance, making it an ideal investment for your power backup needs.

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